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Functional Anatomy and Yin Yoga

  • Yoga H'Om 7053 Steubenville Pike Oakdale, PA, 15071 United States (map)


Saturday October 15th

To most effectively practice or teach any style of yoga asana, one must understand certain fundamental principles of anatomy. We will begin our analysis at the level of the skeleton because the bones are the ultimate determinant of our possibility of movement, and each person's bones are unique. We will develop your understanding and teaching from a functional perspective, meaning that our focus will not be aesthetic appearance, but rather the actual intended effect of the technique and how to best produce that effect for each unique practitioner. To explore these concepts in greater depth we will perform hands on range of motion assessments with fellow participants and learn how to work with unique individual variations among yoga practitioners. 

Sunday October 16th

How do we teach with an understanding of skeletal variation? Teaching from a functional perspective allows for individual alignment, and empowers the practitioner to introspect, explore, and grow their practice from within. We can place a relative emphasis on exercising muscle, fascia, or bone to maintain health in all tissues of the body. The key is appropriate stress in the right amount. We will discuss Yin Yoga, fascia, joints, and continue exploring how to teach and practice yoga with a functional approach.