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Pop Up Yin Yoga

  • Lakeview Yoga 4000 Washington Road Canonsburg, PA, 15317 United States (map)

Can’t make it to Yin Yoga on Sunday evenings? Here is your chance to experience Yin Yoga with Valerie on a Sunday morning!

She will guide you through a Yin Yoga sequence to release areas of fascia (connective tissue) where your Qi (energy) tends to stagnate interspersed with brief, but potent, meditations on your meridian pathways between asanas, which will pull the freed Qi deep into your spine and hips. The practice will end with a seated meditation.

Are you thinking "what is a meridian"? Our body has a complex network of energy channels and pathways that bring vital nourishment to all parts of us. They are rivers of subtle energy that unite our physical, emotional and thinking bodies. They flow just under the surface of the skin and penetrate into the body to connect with the organs. Think of the earth, with its bubbling mountain geysers, its network of streams and rivers that gather and connect to the deep ocean pools. Just like this system, our meridians need to flow freely and unobstructed, to gather and nourish the deep organ pools.

Meridian meditation can open and free the Qi to flow freely and find balance and harmony, moving away from stagnation and pain.

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