Thai Yoga, often referred to as thai yoga massage or thai yoga bodywork, is an ancient healing art that includes elements of Yoga, Buddhism, and Ayurvedic Medicine. It combines deep stretching, rhythmic compression, soft-tissue manipulation, gentle rocking, energy balancing, and acupressure.

Thai Yoga treatments are conducted on a thick mat on the floor. The client remains fully clothed. Thai Yoga is deeply relaxing and healing and offers the same benefits as a yoga practice with very little effort from the client.

Thai Yoga treatments are appropriate for everyone. Whether you are healing from illness or injury, an athlete wanting to stretch and soothe sore muscles, or someone that wants to relax deeply, quiet the mind and relieve stress, all can find benefit with Thai Yoga.

Thai Yoga treatments are done at the studio by appointment with Kate Olson. Kate received her certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork from Michael Sitzer of Thai Yoga Trainings in Asheville, N.C. She has also studied Thai Yoga with Sunny Klaber of the Integral Touch Institute in Boulder, CO. Kate is the owner of Lakeview Yoga and has been a yoga instructor since 2007. She blends her knowledge of anatomy and yoga with the art of Thai Yoga to provide her clients with a very personalized treatment.

Treatments are scheduled by appointment. Please call 724-260-8738 to schedule.


Gift certificates are available for purchase

One Hour Thai Yoga Treatment - $75

90 Minute Thai Yoga Treatment - $95


Thai Yoga Massage Packages Now Available


5 - 60 Minute Treatments - $325, save $50

10 - 60 Minute Treatments - $600, save $150

5 - 90 Minute Treatments - $425, save $50

10 - 90 Minute Treatments - $800. save $150